We are Emma & Alice, we are designers and illustrators who have been friends since university. Since leaving in 2015 we have been communicating to each other with prints, letters and drawings. We thought it was time to put our designs together and share with others.


Naughty Elephants Squirt Water comes from the kids phrase to help you remember North, South, East and West. Emma lives in the north and Alice in the south, soon we will be over 4,000 miles away from each other one west, one east... hense the name. 


Hello, i'm Emma.

I live 'up north' as Alice says in Derbyshire, breathing in the beautiful Peak District. I work in a print shop creating illustrations, artwork and doing all things paper and print with my dog Moose by my side! When i'm not doodling i'm at the Footy...Go Stokes!


Hi, i'm Alice.

I've been living in London working as a Graphic 
designer for 4+ years with my partner and Instagram Famous sausage dog Bun. When i'm not taking photos of my dog or exploring the outdoors i'm doodling on my ipad with a cup of tea!